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Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Members of the governing body can be found here.

Head Teacher
Mrs. J. Haseldine
Deputy Head Teacher Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs. C. Rhodes Mrs. A. Thomas

Teaching Staff

Nursery (FS1) Mr. R. Johnson
Reception 1 (FS2) Miss. L. Barry
Reception 2 (FS3) Mrs. A. Thomas
Year 1 Mrs. S. Plummer
Year 1/2 Mr. M. Jenner
Year 2 Mrs. S. Khan
Year 3 Miss V. Peart
Year 3/4 Mrs. A. Gibson
Year 4 Miss. T. Lawler
Year 5 Miss. V. Kidd
Year 5/6 Miss. M. Griffin
Year 6

Mrs. L. Cantrell

PPA Cover Mrs C. Millward

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. L. Howarth Mrs. B. Wilson
Mrs. L. McCalmont Mrs. A. Rowley
Mrs. J. Tetlow Mrs. R. Mason-Boulton
Mrs. F. Begum Mrs. T. Begum
Mrs. S. Stirrup Miss A. Marshall
Mrs. J. Brook Mrs. S. Ashton
Mrs. R. Khan  

Inclusion Support

Mrs. S. MacGregor

Learning Mentor/Attendance Officer

Mrs. Joanne Wilson

Admin and Support Staff

Secretary School Business Manager
Ms. J. York Mrs. J. Carrington


ICT Technician
Mr. R. Binns Mr. S. Taylor


Ms. C. Breakey

Mrs. J. Wheal

Miss. L. Shepherd  

Breakfast Club

Ms. C. Breakey Mrs. N. Yunas
Mrs. N. Parvin  

Midday Assistants

Mrs. J. MacNeill Mrs. N. Yunas
Ms. C. Breakey Miss. S. Jones
Mrs. E. Thomas Mrs. N. Parvin
Mrs. L. Ahmed Chowdhury Mrs. S. Khatum
Mrs. S. Begum Miss. L. Shepherd

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. L. Diggle Mrs. C. Jackson
Miss. R. Della Sala Mrs. J. Boyle